Amigo The Devil

2x12" Volume One #45053

Volume One See Larger Images and Variations
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This is the collection of the three EPs alongside bonus tracks and b-sides from the first chapter of Amigo The Devil. All records include a newsprint lyric book.

Side A: Manimals

1. Dahmer Does Hollywood

2. Perfect Wife

3. Alcohol

4. Infamous Butcher

5. Husband

Side B: Diggers

1. The Recluse

2. The Dreamer

3. The Weight

Side C: Decompositions

1. Hell & You

2. For A Few Good Men

3. One Kind Of People

Side D: Scraps

1. Covenant *

2. Jonestown Lullabye *

3. Liars Club *

4. Karaeoke Dreams *

* vinyl exclusive

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