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Bundles Volume 1 Bundle (With Rare LTD Print) #68780

Volume 1 Bundle (With Rare LTD Print) See Larger Images and Variations
"EP Prints" Prints:

$149.99 each


Release Date: April 19, 2019

- Volume 1 LP

- Rarities cassette - a collection of audio tracks and B-Sides handpicked by Amigo The Devil himself

- RARE LTD Fine Art Prints (only 100 print packages total!): 1x 18"x24" print of your choice ($149.99 option) or set of all 3 18"x24" prints ($299.99 option) - limited to 25/each and hand signed by Amigo The Devil and the artist Justin Pape

- 3x 2.5"x3.5" print set


Hell And You

Dahmer Does Hollywood

The Weight

I Hope Your Husband Dies

The Dreamer


The Recluse

Perfect Wife: A Revenge Story

One Kind Of People

For A Few Good Men

Infamous Butcher

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